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Have you ever experienced a power outage because of a bad storm or ice damage? Many of us have and depending on how bad the storm you could be without power for a few hours or several days and in extreme situations several weeks or longer.

The things we take for granted with the power on no longer work. Your furnace will not work in the winter and your AC won’t work in the summer. No coffee in the morning. Your food in the freezer or fridge begins going bad. Your electric stove doesn’t work and you can’t prepare meals. When you try and leave you find your garage door opener won’t open the garage so you can get your car out! It is one little inconvenience after another until you start having real problems.

You can avoid all of this by installing a backup generator. A backup generator will kick on when the power goes out and makes sure you have as little inconvenience as possible and avoid even more serious problems if the outage is an extended one.

At Cousino we can present you with different options:

Call Cousino today to learn about the options they have for a generator for your home and the next time the power goes out. Make sure you and your family stay safe and a little crisis doesn’t become a major issue.