Cousino Electric – FAQ

Q: Do you offer free estimates?

    A: Yes, for defined projects, but not for trouble shooting issues. For example, if you have a project defined upfront, for example coming out to wire up an outdoor lighting system for security we would do a free estimate of this type of project either over the phone or in person at our discretion. However if you are currently having an electrical issue, your lights are dimming for example this would fall under our trouble shooting service.

Q: How does your trouble shooting service work?

    A: If you are currently having an electrical problem that you aren’t sure what is causing it and need us to come out and diagnose the issue this would fall under our trouble shooting service.

    Our trouble shooting service is priced at $157 and includes up to 1 hour of a technician’s time to diagnose the issue. It does not cover the actual cost of the repair once it is identified, but just the diagnosing of that issue.

    For example, if you have a plug that is not working for $157 dollars we can come out and figure out the exact cause of this issue. If we discover the issue is that the plug is defective and needs to be replaced the cost to perform this service would be in addition to the $157 service call fee.

Q: Do you offer financing for electrical project work?

    A: We don’t provide any financing programs directly, but we do accept all major credit cards, checks or cash. In addition, it is possible to get 6 month free financing through Pay Pal, which we also accept. So we don’t offer it directly, but it is possible to spread your payments out by using a credit card or Pay Pal. Please note if you pay by debit or credit card there is a 3% service fee that will be added on.

Q: Do you install generators?

    A: Yes, we do! We offer 2 basic approaches. The first is installing a permanent standby system that will typically run off of natural gas or propane. It will automatically turn on as soon as your power goes down and automatically shut down as soon your power returns without you having to do anything. Systems like these start around $9,000.

    We also offer helping you set up a temporary arrangement with a portable generator. We install the plug into your panel so that you simply need to run one plug from the generator to your panel and it will supply power to your house through your normal electrical system. These systems start at $900.

Q: How do you charge for work?

    A: If your issue requires trouble shooting to determine the exact nature of an electrical problem, i.e. your lights are dimming for no reason or part of the electrical system in your house doesn’t work. Our evaluation is $157 for up to the one hour, but does not include the cost of any repairs we may find. This first hour is simply a trouble shooting and diagnoses session. Once we have diagnosed the issue we will provide a flat price to fix the issue.

    If you have a project that is already  scoped out, i.e. you want us to install a set of new kitchen lighting for example or install a new breaker panel or install a generator our pricing will be flat pricing for the job. Or if we have successfully diagnosed an issue (see above) we will provide a flat rate to fix the issue. This price will generally cover everything to complete the job and anything we purchase and install along with all labor on the job includes a 1 year warranty.